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When is the Apple Vision Pro 2 going to be released?

There have been two different rumors thus far: one that stated Apple was preparing a second-generation device by 2027, and another that suggested the release of “Apple Vision” by 2025. Let’s review the most recent rumors and discuss why Apple Vision Pro 2 might be released sooner rather than later, given that the company has now released its first spatial computer.

Apple’s Vision Pro is undoubtedly the most sophisticated mixed-reality headset on the market, but it is obvious that it is a “version 1.0” device with many glitches and peculiarities. Though there’s hope that some of these problems will be resolved in a second-generation edition of the device, we have some bad news if you were hoping for a speedy update.

Journalist Mark Gurman of Bloomberg says in his Power On newsletter that the Vision Pro 2 is “probably at least 18 months away,” which could mean that it launches in August 2025. That is a long time to wait for Apple to address some of the most obvious issues with its incredibly powerful headset.

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What can we expect from the Apple Vision Pro 2?

We discovered many positive aspects of the Apple Vision Pro in our review, including its impressive power, controls, and visual experiences. Like many reviewers, we were unable to overlook its price, cumbersome detachable battery, or weight. When the second edition comes out, hopefully, it will be better in these areas.

According to rumors, Apple is not only developing a replacement for its headset but also a less expensive model that will forgo some of its more costly features to reduce costs. Examples of these features include employing an iPhone chip and lower-resolution displays. The arrival date of that model is unknown, but Gurman’s silence on the subject raises the possibility that it will arrive even later than the Vision Pro 2.

When news like this is sure to tinge with disappointment, we probably should not be overly shocked by the delay. Considering the powerful technology found inside the Vision Pro, a significant amount of research and development is underway. Since Vision Pro took many years to develop, any changes will require sufficient time to be implemented correctly.

In addition, Gurman’s newsletter mentioned that staff members at the Apple Store are questioning customers who return devices to learn more about their reasons for dissatisfaction. After that, Apple Headquarters receives the feedback, probably to help refine the product for a second-generation attempt.

What could that model show us? We would anticipate an improved chip, better visual clarity, and maybe a new design to address some of the device’s weight issues, based on current rumors. Expect no price reduction, though; that is the purpose of the less expensive model, and the next iteration is probably going to cost roughly $3,499 as it is now.

Whether those Vision Pro 2 rumors are true or not, we will have to wait and see. In light of Gurman’s most recent report, we do not expect a response very soon.

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