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Wordle today—answer and clues, Game #1113 on Saturday, 6 July

Here’s today’s ‘Wordle’ answer and additional hints and clues.

The game’s popularity hasn’t decreased for good reason—it’s free to play and features a straightforward concept for a quick, entertaining puzzle game. To participate, you must figure out the solution each day in six tries. Each attempt will give you a suggestion until you figure out—or guess—how to get the correct answer.

Wordle always stumps us, even if we’ve played it daily since launch. Some answers are easier than others, and others you might have yet to hear.

There’s no shame in needing a little hint now and then, but we’re here to assure you. Don’t worry; we’ll provide clues without giving too much away.

Is there any repetition of letters in today’s Wordle?

Today’s Wordle contains repeated letters.

wordle hint today 6 july

What letter does today’s Wordle begin with?

What letter does today’s Wordle begin with?

The first letter in today’s Wordle answer is S.

Wordle’s 2,309 answers begin with S 365 times. It’s almost twice as likely to start an answer as the most common starting letter, C.

What is today’s Wordle hint for July 6?

Here’s the Wordle today hint: #1113, 6 July


The definition: Speak to or about someone in a mocking or sneering tone. Examples include: “The paintings were so awful that critics scoffed at the artist.”


  • Wordle #1112, Friday 5 July: CRUSH
  • Wordle #1111, Thursday 4 July: DEBUT
  • Wordle #1110, Wednesday 3 July: THIGH
  • Wordle #1109, Tuesday 2 July: INLAY
  • Wordle #1108, Monday 1 July: ADAGE
  • Wordle #1107, Sunday 30 June: BUDDY
  • Wordle #1106, Saturday 29 June: ZEBRA
  • Wordle #1105, Friday 28 June: DROVE
  • Wordle #1104, Thursday 27 June: ORDER
  • Wordle #1103, Wednesday 26 June: KNEAD
  • Wordle #1102, Tuesday 25 June: SAVOR
  • Wordle #1101, Monday 24 June: DOLLY
  • Wordle #1100, Sunday 23 June: BUGLE
  • Wordle #1099, Saturday 22 June: EDICT
  • Wordle #1098, Friday 21 June: PAINT
  • Wordle #1097, Thursday 20 June: SCENT
  • Wordle #1096, Wednesday 19 June: TERSE
  • Wordle #1095, Tuesday 18 June: COVER
  • Wordle #1094, Monday 17 June: PRIOR
  • Wordle #1093, Sunday 16 June: GRIND
  • Wordle #1092, Saturday 15 June: PROUD
  • Wordle #1091, Friday 14 June: VAULT
  • Wordle #1090, Thursday 13 June: ANGST
  • Wordle #1089, Wednesday 12 June: DETER
  • Wordle #1088, Tuesday 11 June: SWUNG
  • Wordle #1087, Monday 10 June: MANGA
  • Wordle #1086, Sunday 9 June: CROWD
  • Wordle #1085, Saturday 8 June: HENCE
  • Wordle #1084, Friday 7 June: MELON
  • Wordle #1083, Thursday 6 June: ETHER
  • Wordle #1082, Wednesday 5 June: ORGAN
  • Wordle #1081, Tuesday 4 June: GROOM
  • Wordle #1080, Monday 3 June: STARK
  • Wordle #1079, Sunday 2 June: BRAVO
  • Wordle #1078, Saturday 1 June: BASIN
  • Wordle #1077, Friday 31 May: CHAOS
  • Wordle #1076, Thursday 30 May: GUMMY
  • Wordle #1075, Wednesday 29 May: PAPAL
  • Wordle #1074, Tuesday 28 May: MINUS
  • Wordle #1073, Monday 27 May: SKIER
  • Wordle #1072, Sunday 26 May: BEVEL
  • Wordle #1071, Saturday 25 May: TITAN
  • Wordle #1070, Friday 24 May: GLIDE
  • Wordle #1069, Thursday 23 May: SWISH
  • Wordle #1068, Wednesday 22 May: EXALT
  • Wordle #1067, Tuesday 21 May: DINGO
  • Wordle #1066, Monday 20 May: NICER
  • Wordle #1065, Sunday 19 May: HITCH
  • Wordle #1064, Saturday 18 May: BRINY
  • Wordle #1063, Friday 17 May: TUTOR
  • Wordle #1062, Thursday 16 May: STALL
  • Wordle #1061, Wednesday 15 May: PINCH

What is Wordle?

Wordle asks you to guess a new five-letter word every day. You receive six guesses, each exposing a little more information. If one of the letters from your guess appears in the answer and in the correct location, it becomes green. It turns yellow if it appears in the response but is incorrectly placed. If it does not appear in the answer, it gets gray. Simple, huh?

It’s free to play online, either on the Wordle website or the New York Times Crossword app (iOS/Android).

What are the wordle game rules?

Wordle’s rules are relatively simple, but a few twists are put in for fun.

  1. Green letters indicate they are in the correct position and part of the answer.
  2. Yellow letters appear in the response but are located incorrectly.
  3. Letters that do not appear in the response turn gray.
  4. The answers are never plural.
  5. Letters may appear more than once. So, if your estimate includes two of the same letter, they could both turn yellow, green, or one yellow and the other green.
  6. Every guess must be a genuine word from Wordle’s dictionary. You cannot guess ABCDE, for example.
  7. You must not incorporate accurate letters in successive guesses unless you are playing at the hard level.
  8. You have six guesses for solving the Wordle.
  9. You must complete the daily Wordle by midnight in your time zone.
  10. All answers are taken from Wordle’s list of 2,309 solutions. However…
  11. Wordle will take a larger pool of words, about 10,000. For example, you can predict the plural WORDS. It will not be correct (see point 4 above), but Wordle will accept it as a guess.

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