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TikTok tests 60-minute video uploads as it continues to take on YouTube

TikTok tests 60-minute video uploads as it continues to take on YouTube

Device Insider cites TikTok on the testing of a feature that allows users to upload movies. Those movies will have a length of 60 minutes. At the time, the TikTok representative noted that the company was currently monitoring usage in the target market and was not planning to roll out the feature to more markets.

Social media analyst Matt Navarra was the first to find the function, its difference being compared to TikTok’s old ways. In the past couple of years, Tiktok expanded the reel length rate from 15 seconds to 30 seconds. While it was the short-form videos that the company primarily became famous for, it is now trying to deliver long-form content in an attempt to compete with its counterpart which is the titan, YouTube.

TikTok notes that although producers can link many parts of a story together by directing viewers to part two or more, the platform frequently receives requests for more time from creators for content such as humorous sketches, instructional lesson plans, food demonstrations, and beauty instructions.

According to the firm, the extended time limit was implemented to allow producers greater freedom to experiment with new or expanded sorts of material. Naturally, this increases TikTok’s direct rivalry with YouTube.

The firm is probably expecting that by allowing producers to publish 60-minute videos to TikTok, those creators who would typically post their work on YouTube will also post on its platform.

TV show full episodes could be another kind of content that is posted on TikTok as a result of the extended time limit.

Episode one of Peacock’s “Killing It” was split into five parts and made accessible for free viewing on TikTok last year. Should TikTok introduce a 60-minute upload cap for videos, networks would be spared from dividing an episode into many segments.


With this extended time limit, networks may post the first episode of a TV show on TikTok, just as they do on YouTube to draw in new viewers. TikTok is already being used by networks to reach viewers, and the increased upload time restriction may encourage them to post more material there.

Although some viewers may not find longer material on TikTok interesting, the firm has been working to improve the viewing experience for those who do. For example, the business has been experimenting with thumbnails that scrub video and a horizontal full-screen mode. Additionally, it released a function last year that allows you to hold down the right edge of a video to fast-forward it.

It’s unclear when TikTok intends to make the 60-minute video upload option generally available, just like with any test feature.

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