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Spotify HiFi is a game-changer for audiophiles but comes at a premium price.

  • After a 2017 teaser, Spotify HiFi was officially unveiled in 2021.
  • Finally, it could go live after three years, but subscribers would have to pay more.
  • Last year, we noticed that the Spotify app code had references to lossless audio.
spotify hifi

Spotify will finally offer HiFi sound, but it will cost more. The function was teased seven years ago and may launch as a pricey add-on later this year.

The “Supremium” version of the popular streaming service will incorporate playlist and song library management options. Users must upgrade their subscriptions to unlock the features when they launch.

Rumor has it that Spotify is getting ready to finally roll out the long-awaited functionality as a premium add-on for current users. Spotify stated about the 2022 HiFi feature: “We understand that you place a high value on HiFi quality audio.

We agree and can’t wait to provide Premium members with a Spotify HiFi experience in the future. However, we have yet to be able to give any specific dates. Naturally, we’ll keep you informed here as soon as we can.

What is Spotify HiFi?

High-quality audio that Spotify will soon be able to stream is sometimes called “lossless audio.” Amazon and Apple Music are two examples of these services. Initially teasing its HiFi service in 2017, the streaming behemoth debuted it during the Stream On event in February 2021. Still, it hasn’t gone live after more than three years.

How much will Spotify HiFi cost? 

As previously said, Bloomberg has revealed that the high-quality audio will only be available to customers who purchase a premium add-on. Although the precise price has not yet been disclosed, sources from the US indicate that it may cost up to $5 more (anticipate a similar price in the UK).

In a statement to The Verge, a Spotify representative named Grey Munford said, “At Spotify, we are always looking for ways to improve our products and give users more value.” However, we don’t address rumors about potential additional features and have no updates to report.

What more add-on features are possible?

Although Spotify remains silent regarding the premium add-on, some leaks suggest what to expect. According to The Verge, the offering may include code discovered within the app last year, 24-bit lossless music, making playlists using AI, filtering songs in a playlist according to mood, and more.

This year, AI playlists and a DJ function that lets users build a customized, simulated radio station were made available to premium subscribers in a beta test.

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