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Fujifilm X100VI

The legendary premium compact is updated with the Fujifilm X100VI.

The Fujifilm X1000VI, which was unveiled today at Fujifilm’s X-Summit event in Toyko, is a replacement for the X100V, the camera that caused such a stir on Instagram and TikTok that waiting lists longer than six months broke Fujifilm’s supply chain

Fujifilm X100VI camera

How do you follow up with a camera that has one of the most fervent and devoted fan bases in the modern era? Fujifilm believes that with the release of the Fujifilm X100VI, it has the solution.

And you don’t tamper too much with that kind of winning formula, as Fujifilm maintains the design while making some significant internal improvements.

The only thing that will likely identify the 2019 X100V and the new X100VI as separate cameras is their small etching on top, which will reveal their respective numbers if you place them side by side. Fujifilm has indeed abandoned the previous naming scheme in favor of generational numbers; for example, the new model is called “X-100-six.”

And why alter a design that is already iconic? Jumping ship to the VI and feeling right at home should not be a problem for those who are familiar with the earlier models. For my part, I am not disappointed that Fujifilm stayed with the same body because the camera is truly amazing.

The X100VI retains the same 23mm (35mm full-frame equivalent) lens from the previous model, but this also means that there are no innovations to be made to the lens. However, the lens is still compatible with the current wide conversion lens (WCL-X100 II) and teleconversion lens (TCL-X100 II). For artistic long exposures, the lens still has the built-in 4-stop ND filter.

Similar to the X100V, you will still need to buy an additional filter adapter ring for screw-in filters or to finish weather-sealing the lens. The cost of this is an extra $49 for the AR-X100 ring alone, or about $99 for the ring plus protection filter (though third-party options are often less expensive).

Fujifilm X100VI camera

The X100VI is anticipated to begin shipping in early March and will be offered in silver or black. Fujifilm plans to release a very limited edition camera along with the standard model that is “engraved with the corporate brand logo from Fujifilm’s founding in 1934.” The X100VI units are priced at $1,999 and, according to the company, “each unit bears a unique serial number.” Additionally, they come in a special soft-release box with Fujifilm history cards and a special strap. Only direct orders for the LE from Fujifilm will be accepted.

Due to the X-Processor 5, which Fujifilm recently released, the X100VI is “almost” twice as fast as the X100V. You also get significantly better autofocus that makes use of the most recent subject detection algorithms from the company, in addition to the speed increase. Additionally, 20 Fujifilm film simulations, including the Reala Ace simulation that was previously only available with one of the company’s expensive medium format cameras, will be pre-installed on the X100VI. If you ask any Fujifilm photographer, they will tell you that one of the company’s main advantages is JPEG processing; in fact, there are whole websites dedicated to optimizing these film simulations and achieving the best possible results right out of the camera.

Not much about the X100VI’s construction has changed; it still has an aluminum body that is meant to take some knocks and travel everywhere you go. To achieve true weather resistance, however, you’ll still need to outfit the lens with the adapter ring and protective filter made by Fujifilm, which are sold separately. The X100VI will join other recent Fujifilm cameras in shifting to Chinese manufacturing, abandoning its made-in-Japan predecessor. Since cameras are made in Japan with a rich history, some may consider this camera to have less photographic “mystique.” However, by moving the production to China, the company should be able to get a lot more X100VIs off the assembly line and into camera stores.

Fujifilm X100VI camera

Limited Edition Fujifilm X100VI

In addition, a limited edition of the X100VI will be released at the end of March for ardent fans of the Fujifilm X100. To commemorate Fuji’s establishment ninety-one years ago, the camera will only be produced in 1934 pieces. Along with an exclusive strap and shutter button, the top plate, lens cap, and body of these limited edition cameras will all be engraved with the limited edition number and the original 1934 Fujifilm logo.

First-come, first-served, these limited edition cameras will retail for $1,934 and be exclusively available in Fujifilm stores and affiliates. To find out where to purchase yours, visit the Fujifilm website in your country. Those hoping for a specific number won’t be in luck because these limited edition cameras will be dispersed at random throughout the globe.

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