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Netflix is discontinuing its previous inexpensive ad-free package, leaving users uncertain options.

Netflix is officially discontinuing its basic plan in the United Kingdom and Canada, leaving already irritated consumers in a difficult situation: either buy another subscription to keep their service or cancel.

The (aptly called) MildlyInfuriating subreddit reported on the phase-out and shared photographs of it. They present a Netflix alert advising the viewer that their last day to use the streaming platform is July 13, along with a notification instructing them to select one of three plans. The company offers three monthly subscription plans: CA$5.99 Standard with Ads, CA$16.49 Standard, and CA$20.99 Premium. The now-retired basic plan cost CA$9.99.


For those in the UK, where the basic plan costs £7.99, the limited subscription options now consist of Standard with Ads for £4.99 a month, which lets you stream (and download) from both devices at the same time in full HD resolution, Standard for £10.99 a month with the further option to add member from a different household, and Premium for £17.99 per month, which unlocks 4K HDR, Dolby Atmos, and spatial audio for four simultaneous streams and six downloads.

The phase-out is starting again.

The specific site of the phase-out is unknown because the poster does not indicate it. However, they are most likely Canadian, considering the pricing shown in the image is for Netflix subscribers in Canada. This is consistent with threads on the Netflix subreddit from the last two months, which strongly suggest that the Basic plan will be phased out first in Canada and the United Kingdom.

Commenters on those two articles claim to have gotten emails from the platform alerting them that the service is ending and advising them to choose an alternative plan. Furthermore, if you visit Netflix’s Help Center’s Plans and Pricing page in Canada or the United Kingdom, you will see a notice that reads, “The basic plan has been discontinued.”

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Furthermore, it seems that the phase-out is taking place in phases. In the previous subreddit postings, one of the posters stated that they had till June 8 to select a new plan. June 15 was the deadline set for the other. Since the current cutoff date is July 13, it’s feasible that another wave will occur shortly after.

Gradually, Yet Steadily

As of this writing, it’s unclear whether the corporation intends to follow suit in the US or any other nation, although it’s quite likely that it will. After all, starting in July 2023, American consumers are not able to enroll in a Basic plan. Additionally, we contacted Netflix to inquire about the start date of the US phase-out.

“Looking to sell [their] Basic plan in some of [their] advertising countries, launching with Canada and the UK in Q2 and taking it from there too,” a business representative informed us. Although Netflix was unable to provide us with a specific date, it appears that the Basic plan will eventually expire in the US. At that moment, we’re sure there will be another round of anger.

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