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My opinion on folding phones may eventually change if the Galaxy Z Fold 6 Ultra is genuine.

Although I enjoy them, I didn’t buy a foldable phone. I purchase phones like the iPhone 15 Pro Max and the Galaxy S24 Ultra with my own money. Not even the OnePlus Open, which was my favorite foldable phone of the previous year, have I bought a foldable phone for myself. Although I’ve been holding out for other reasons, the rumors that Samsung will ultra-fy the Galaxy Z Fold 6 have me excited. I may even start saving money for a new foldable device.

Galaxy Z fold 6

The one sacrifice that each foldable phone has to make

The camera is the primary reason for me to purchase a foldable phone. As of now, no foldable camera has been included in the box. Instead of the Galaxy S23 Ultra, the Galaxy Z Fold 5’s cameras are more akin to those of the Galaxy S23 standard model. Up until the Galaxy S24 Ultra replaced it, the latter was the greatest camera phone we tested.

Although the OnePlus Open makes excellent use of the new Sony Lytia stacked sensors, the cameras aren’t the finest. Every time a phone company wants to create a tiny, foldable design, they have to make a concession, and the camera is one of those compromises.

Galaxy Z Fold 6 Further, titanium, but back to that camera…

Galaxy Z Fold 6

The Galaxy Z Fold 6 Ultra may also get a titanium frame, which would be awesome and make the Fold feel much more robust in addition to the updated camera specifications. In addition, I’m looking for a display without any noticeable creases and a different aspect ratio, like the OnePlus Open.

However, the thing that excites me the most is the camera. An incredible camera is essential for a foldable phone, particularly one the size of a tablet. The foldable form makes for some truly stunning shots.

While you’re filming, you can move the camera in different directions and get a preview on the screen. Because of the two screens, the primary camera doubles as the selfie camera. With a foldable, photography is merely more enjoyable; still, no foldable has yet to achieve photographic excellence.

To be honest, if I can get a good primary sensor, I don’t really care about zoom or a better ultra-wide sensor. Selfies, group photos, nighttime scenes, and portraits are all things that interest me. Those are all better-looking pictures taken using a large, high-resolution camera. Foldables finally deserve their moment in the sun, and I’ll be there to take a closer look to see if the Galaxy Z Fold 6 Ultra is real and delivers on ultra-level photography.

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