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TikTok criticizes the U.S. government over a law that would ban the app.

The company TikTok has initiated a lawsuit where it is opposing a law, that should be imposed if its parent industry ByteDance fails to trade it within 12 months. The lawsuit that was filed today contends that the bill violates the U. S. Constitution.

TikTok promotes that the act is unconstitutional as it violates the American Constitution’s fundamental values of individual liberty and freedom of speech. 

For a nature of the first law introduced by the Parliament punishes the specific speech exposition, which is viewed as responsible for the disease outbreak. The complaint is that every “American” is deprived of the chance to be a member of an online community which is more than a billion people worldwide.

The bill was proposed under the title of  “Protecting Americans from the Access to Technology Controlled by Foreign Adversaries” with an acronym of PAATCFA. This is unconstitutional. 


A day after the president had signed this bill dedicated to Israel and Ukraine, the lawsuit was launched. The bill gives ByteDance until January 19th to advertise the app and in case they fail to do so, they will face consequences.  Thus, TikTok is likely to be associated closer to the popular video app than ever before. 

TikTok says that the U. S. government has not been able to provide any convincing evidence to show that the app poses a threat to national security. 

“During the fast and difficult process of passing this law, public reports by congressional groups and individual followers of Congress revealed only speculation and no evidence, as required by the First Amendment,” the lawsuit states.  

It is reported that the claim is that TikTok will not be able to make any profit with only a 270-day extension offer.  

“Divestment is impractical,” the lawsuit points out. No question: the ban will be enforced by the Act and will go into effect on the 19th of January 2025, affecting the 170 million Americans who use TikTok to communicate in unique ways that other platforms cannot replicate. 

Even if Bytedance were required to trade the app, the Chinese govt probably would not let the sale happen if approval was needed to transfer TikTok algorithms. TikTok hopes that it would not be technically possible for the company to be sold, because “millions of lines of software code” should be transferred to a new owner. 

In the lawsuit, the U. S. government cites the country’s long history of China-related accusations that pose a national security threat, the risk of Americans personal information being exposed to China exposes them to the national security threat, and it is illegal to use the lawsuit to protect the software’s privacy. TikTok denied these accusations and said that it invested $2 billion to protect American users’ privacy. 

In addition, lawmakers have pointed out that TikTok is capable of forming public opinion through decisions on the content that is in the feed of “For You”.  

When the Trump administration was trying to ban TikTok the company proposed to be acquired by an American company. These candidates were Oracle, Microsoft, and Walmart, but none of them became eventually an agreement. In this phase, however, multiple sources showed that ByteDance chose to discontinue TikTok rather than sell it.


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