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Introducing Apple AirPods 3rd Generation


apple airpods 3rd gen

It is needless to introduce the Apple AirPods because they are now so well-known, but has the quality of the latest version apple airpods 3rd gen changed as compared before?

With shorter stems and a more comfortable fit, these wireless earbuds resemble the Pro models more. Unlike the Pros, they do not block your ear canal. Rather, they fit comfortably in your ears, allowing air to pass through and noise to escape.

Similar to the Pro model, the shorter stems have a pressure-responsive strip. On an iPhone, you may use it to mute the music, go to the next song, or use Siri by tapping once, twice, or three times. Remove one, and the music will end. The song will resume when you insert it again.


apple airpods 3rd gen

Apple’s third-generation wireless earbuds look similar to those of earlier generations. They feature long stems with smooth curves, are white, and are simple.
Compared to its predecessors, the third iteration of Apple AirPods is more streamlined and fashionable. This is because, like the Pro version, they feature housings bent more gently and shorter stems.

Just as with the touch-capacitive force sensors in the Pro edition, you can control the audio on your headphones by tapping one of these stems. You can also answer or stop a call by tapping the stem.

Adjusting the settings is simple, and you’ll like hearing the “click” that indicates your actions. Although it’s not an issue, having feedback from the buds as a little vibration rather than a click would be good, much like with the Pro version. Although it would be convenient, you cannot adjust the earphones’ sound by sliding your finger up and down their stems. You’ll need to ask Siri or take out your phone.

Extra ear tips are not available like they are with the Pro version. The fact that the second-generation wireless earphones are still semi-open may appeal to you if you dislike having earbuds pressed into your ear tubes, even if this means their sound isolation isn’t as good.

An LED light illuminates the front of these earphone cases when opened. The indicator will be green if the wireless earbuds are completely charged, and orange if they are not completely charged. When your earphones are prepared to attach to a device, the status light will flicker white.

The charging case has a Lightning connector on the bottom, but you can also charge the phone with a Qi-compatible pad or a MagSafe charger. The kit includes a USB-C to Lightning cable, but you must provide your plug.

In general, the recently released third-generation wireless earbuds represent an important improvement over their predecessors. They’re less noticeable, smoother, and tougher.

How do you connect the Apple AirPods 3rd Gen to your phone?

apple airpods 3rd gen

You must manually link these wireless earbuds with your Android phone to use them. You can use Bluetooth to connect wireless headphones to a smartphone by opening the case, tapping the button on the back, and moving the case closer to the phone.

Case and Battery Life

apple airpds 3rd gen

The charging case is considerably smaller than the Pro version’s, although it can still be opened in landscape orientation. It’s somewhat thicker than the first-generation wireless earphone cover, but it’s around the same size overall. The case works with both wireless Qi charging and conventional Lightning chargers.

The third-generation wireless earbuds’ redesigned casing is compatible with MagSafe charging. Like the iPhone 12 and 13, it fits perfectly on the circular MagSafe charging station.

However, because MagSafe-enabled iPhones do not support reverse wireless charging, your headphones will not charge when placed on the smartphone’s back. These phones’ backs are not intentionally magnetically connected to the wireless earphone cover. There will be some pull when you slip the cover over the phone’s back, but it won’t be strong enough to hold the two components together.

When you include the time it takes to charge the case, the third-generation AirPods can continuously play music for six or thirty hours. Compared to the 4 hours and 7 minutes we got out of the previous generation of earphones and the hardly 5 hours we got out of the Pro version, that’s a significant increase (with noise cancellation turned on).

The intelligent charging system for the third-generation earphones considers how frequently you plan to charge them and when you want to use them. Remember that true wireless earbuds are not long-lasting, even if doing this can extend the life of the earpiece.

Sound Quality

apple airpods 3rd gen

The new AirPods provide some of the best sound quality in their price bracket thanks to their balanced and detailed sound. Deep bass, a rich treble, and a precise middle are all well-balanced in the pleasing sound produced by the earphones’ unique audio drivers and amplifiers.

Compared to the previous version, the new AirPods offer adaptive EQ and spatial sound, two notable capabilities included in the more expensive Pro model. With the help of an inward-facing microphone and spatial audio, suitable music and video content—of which Apple provides plenty—become more immersive. Adaptive EQ uses this technology to tailor the sound to the specific shape of your ears. Dynamic head tracking, a state-of-the-art function that allows you to “shift” the audio source as you move your head, is also an option. I thought I was at a concert while listening to a head-tracking live jazz record.

The newest Apple earbuds are perfect for listening to audio files, including podcasts, audiobooks, and even classical concertos. They also did a fantastic job on the phone, FaceTime, and Zoom conversations. The AirPods’ capacity to cancel out background noise while speaking has significantly increased compared to the original model. During my testing, the earphones connected strongly with an iPad Pro, a MacBook Pro, and an iPhone.

It should come as no surprise that the third-generation AirPods lack inbuilt noise reduction, as the earlier models did. One of the reasons the earbuds are so popular is their open design, which allows you to be aware of your surroundings. If noise cancellation is essential, you may choose the AirPods Pro.

Final Verdict

An excellent improvement to one of the most well-liked sets of completely wireless earphones is the AirPods 3. Their design, sound quality, battery life, and innovative capabilities like spatial audio have all improved.

They have a better style than anything else available. Their sound quality is inferior to headphones using rubberized tips, and their inability to completely filter out noise makes them difficult to use in noisy environments.

They are still recommended, though, provided you only use an iPhone or another product from the firm, as their applicability to Windows and Android devices is severely constrained.

For the same price, you might be able to find better-sounding headphones, but none of them will fit as freely or comfortably as the third-generation Apple AirPods. These are excellent earbuds for those who dislike the way silicone tips feel in their ears.

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