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Google Maps new updates 2024, here’s everything you need to know

Earlier this year, 9to5Google discovered the first evidence of a Google Maps redesign, which appeared to prioritise displaying more of the map at all times. Oddly, the partial deployment was allegedly reversed a few weeks later, implying that Google had determined that the previous UI was preferable after all.

However, it appears that the deployment has just been postponed. In a recent piece, 9to5Google recounts how the new UI has reappeared, with some tweaks along the way.

What is the new feature of Google Maps?

Google Maps now includes ‘Glanceable Directions‘, a feature that…
Google Maps is receiving a new feature that will provide real-time ETA and turn-by-turn directions in the route preview. The ‘Glanceable Directions’ option allows you to check Maps without having to unlock the phone each time.

As with the initial upgrade, the goal appears to be to eliminate fullscreen overlays and instead provide users with sheets that display on top of the map, allowing at least portion of it to be viewable, as shown below.

google map

Overlay layers look to have much more rounded corners, and they may now be removed with a single press of the close button in the upper right corner, near to the’share’ symbol.

google map

The largest shift occurs when you try to enter instructions, which is arguably the most common reason users use the programme. As shown in the screenshot comparison below, it’s been streamlined with a floating island where you may enter your start and destination, and the driving, transport, walking, ride-hailing, and cycling options have been moved to a lower island.

google map

Overall, it looks to be a small advance over the last scrapped facelift. The most visible alteration is that the contextual sheets are no longer double-backed.

It’s a little tweak, but it helps make things appear cleaner and allow you to see more of the map.
At the time of writing, the server-side upgrade — version 11.127.x on Android — hadn’t been widely distributed, implying that it was still in testing and may be pulled again.

Nonetheless, it’s evident that Google has been testing with this upgrade for at least three months, and it appears that it will be sent out to all users in some form or another in the near future.

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