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Google Launches June 2024 Spam Update, after March update

This is another Google update after the March 2024 core update. Google has stated that the June 2024 spam update will be released.

This update will target websites breaking Google’s spam rules to improve search results. Beginning on June 20, the update will likely take up to a week to go live.

google june spam update

Google updates its systems all the time to get rid of spammy and low-quality material from search results. Spam updates go after websites that do things that Google doesn’t like, like having low-quality content or buying or selling links.

The June spam update is expected to improve Google’s spam detection. But closing loopholes has been known to have unintended effects on genuine websites in the past. Some websites may see changes in their search ranks after the update.

Websites that break Google’s spam rules or depend too much on content made by AI may see a drop in their visibility in search results. Some websites may gain from the update because spammy websites will be less of a threat to them in search results.

It could take up to a week for the June 2024 spam update to go live. Google will post an update on its Search Status Dashboard once the rollout is over so that users can see how the change has affected their search rankings.

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