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Android phones can now modify text messages just like iPhones

Most iPhone users know that if you edit a text message within 15 minutes, you can always fix a terrible text message. Owners of Android devices will now possess the same capability to modify texts delivered over RCS and Google texts to other Android fans. Google is rolling out several new features for Android as of right now, such as the ability to modify text messages, further Google Home functionality, and enhancements for Wear OS.  

Google Android phones now allow you to edit a message you sent using RCS in Google Messages within 15 minutes, just like an iPhone with iMessage. Support for RCS depends on your phone and your wireless carrier; it cannot be included solely in text message technologies. Text messages (TMS) are used instead of RCS when sending messages from Android to iPhone.  

Android phones can now modify text messages just like iPhones

Besides the significant enhancement to RCS communications, Google is also introducing new methods for controlling your Google Home. You may now control your preferred smart gadgets with a Google Home Favorites widget. If you participate in Google’s Android 15 Public Preview, you will be able to utilize the new widget; eventually, this capability ought to be available on all Android phones. 

The newest Wear OS smartwatches will also be able to control Google Home more conveniently in addition to the new Google Home Widget. Google is integrating the ability to add a Google Home Favorite complication to your preferred watch face by adding a Google Home Favorite tile to the Wear OS interface. 

Android phones can now modify text messages just like iPhones

These are great features if you use Google Home frequently. The software hasn’t provided enough shortcuts and fast routes for managing your thermostat, lights, and other smart home appliances. Google Home should be much easier to use now that it has a redesigned widget and more Wear OS choices. 

Google is expanding the methods for making safe payments with Google Wallet on Wear OS for residents of the US and Germany. With just a tap of your wrist, residents in those nations who own a Wear OS smartwatch can utilize PayPal to make payments through Google Wallet. 

More features to improve interoperability among Google devices 

Additionally, Google is enhancing its digital car key features. Mercedes vehicles will receive digital car keys on June 10; Polestar will follow on June 17. Earlier this month, Mini began providing digital keys via Android in the US and the EU.  

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