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Amazon Prime Gaming: Free Games, In-Game Loot & Twitch Perks Explained

Amazon Prime Gaming Benefits:

1. Free Games Every Month:

Every month, Prime Gaming gives you free games! It is possible to constantly download and possess multiple forms of different PC games for free of cost. They take games from all categories of the sites, so a player can always find something interesting to do.

2. Special In-Game Items and Bonuses:

With Prime Gaming, you get special items and bonuses in popular games. It can be cool outfits or items like boosts and skins that enhance the look of your game. Just like “League of Legends,” “Apex Legends,” and “FIFA,” multiple games feature exclusive Prime benefits and items.

3. Awesome Twitch Prime Benefits:

Yeah, Prime Gaming goes very well with Twitch, which is the largest live-streaming platform. Here’s what you get:

  • Free Twitch Channel Subscription Every Month: You can subscribe in Twitch to your favorite streamer for free monthly. This benefits the streamer and in return, you are provided with things such as emotes and badges.
  • Exclusive Twitch Chat Colors and Emotes: Twitch Prime will make your chat more fun through special emotes and an added variety of chat colors.
Amazon Prime Gaming

4. Early Access and Discounts:

Prime Gaming members sometimes get to play new games early or join special in-game events. You also receive a discount on buying new games and pre-ordering upcoming games, meaning that besides entertainment you are saving your cash.

5. Amazon Luna Benefits:

Amazon Luna is Amazon’s gaming on-demand service, and what you need to know is that Prime has extra benefits. For instance, on Luna you can play a variety of games in turn for free which are compelling; this implies that you do not need an expensive gaming computer or game console to play more compelling games.

6. Prime Gaming Channel on Amazon:

There is also a Prime Gaming hub where you can find game-related content containing streaming videos, tutorials, and exclusively Prime shows.

How to Get Amazon Prime Gaming:

Is Prime Gaming Worth It?

On the other hand, Prime Gaming is a great added package if one is already an Amazon Prime member. Of course it is, there are free games, special items within the games, and perks at Twitch. If gaming is your only concern you will have to consider whether the cost of Prime is worth the investment.

Amazon Prime Gaming


Having this in mind, it is worth acknowledging that Amazon Prime Gaming has several advantages for gamers. Want free PC games? How about special in-game loot, skins, boosts, and items? Or cool Twitch features? That’s on Prime now. It is one good reason for getting an Amazon Prime membership especially if you are a gaming enthusiast.

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